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YNS Cosmeceutical Skincare is manufactured by YNS MED SPA. We offer the best anti-aging and wrinkle treatments so you can achieve younger new skin. We sell directly to you without the cost of wholesale or distributor interface. This enables us to bring top skin care products at competitive prices to the market.

With a value of $222, if bought individually, The Power Trio is available at $168 per set. An instant saving of $54! The Power Trio includes our top three skin care products: Cell-Tight, Infusion 02, and Radiance as well as a complimentary consultation with our skincare professionals at any time. If you’ve never purchased YNS products before, we recommend that you contact us for a consultation at 866-649-5448. We’ll customize your order at first purchase and any time after to meet the needs of your skin type.

The Power Trio – top-of-the-line, clinically tested products at a reasonable price. Personal consultation and a no question asked return policy if we cannot meet your expectations. Did we mention free shipping? That’s the value of The Power Trio.


Cell-Tight is a peptide retinol serum with a 23 percent blend of peptides Serilesine and Platinum Matri-xem to increase skin elasticity, density, and skin compactness; Renovage to extend cell life, plump and reduce wrinkles, sun spots, and redness; and a next-generation retinol encapsulated for controlled release upon contact with the skin. This latest retinol is non-irritating, non-peeling without compromising the efficacy of the vitamin A derivative. We offer two therapeutic options: Level 1 for sensitive-dry skin and Level 2 for normal-oily skin. Let our skin care professionals help you type your skin.


Say goodbye to wrinkles with Radiance! This exceptional anti-aging wrinkle cream complex contains a 28.5 percent concentration of five peptides: Matrixyl Synthe’6 to replicate a filler effect on fine lines and wrinkles; SYN-COLL and Platinum-Matrix-em to increase skin elasticity and firmness; neuropeptides Leuphasyl and Argireline for reduction in the depth of wrinkles and hyaluronic acid to provide moisture, plumpness, and suppleness to the skin.

Infusion 02

Infusion 02 is a polypeptide gel that targets the under-eye area. This light but powerful gel is a 38 percent concentration of four peptides: SYN-AKE, Inyline, Eyeseryl, and Haloxyl to prevent skin wrinkling, treat under-eye bags, reduce dark circles, and improve skin laxity. Perfluorodecalin increases oxygen levels for ultra-high skin hydration and reduction of depth and number of wrinkles.

The combination of dermatologist tested top skin care products is The Power Trio, available exclusively from YNS Cosmeceutical Skincare at or 866-649-5448. Place your first order. Join the large circle of youthful looking women who are saying: My skin looks better than it did 10 years ago.